New Books

These are new materials that have been processed between November 2, 2020 and December 15, 2020.

Barcode Call Number Author Title


33164000274501 FIC HOPK Hopkins, Ellen. Fallout

33164000273511 FIC HOPK Hopkins, Ellen. Rumble

33164000272315 FIC HOPK Hopkins, Ellen. Traffick

33164000275110 FIC LOVE Baer, Judy. Love finds you in Frost, Minnesota

33164000275417 FIC OWEN Owens, Delia. Where the crawdads sing

33164000274998 FIC KRUE Krueger, William Kent. Boundary waters : a novel

33164000272414 FIC KING King, Stephen Different seasons

33164000273222 FIC DOYL Doyle, Arthur Conan. The return of Sherlock Holmes

33164000272521 FIC STEE Steel, Danielle. The Klone and I : a high-tech love story

33164000274527 FIC STAB Stabenow, Dana. Blindfold game

33164000273248 FIC PUZO Winegardner, Mark. The godfather’s revenge

33164000274600 FIC ALEX Alexander, Tamera. Rekindled

33164000272513 FIC KLEY Kleypas, Lisa. Blue-eyed devil

33164000274543 FIC PEAR Pearson, Ridley. Killer view

33164000273693 FIC GRAY Gray, Shelley Shepard. Wanted

33164000272554 FIC CHIL Child, Lincoln. Terminal freeze : a novel

33164000272356 FIC HARR Harrison, Kim. White witch, black curse

33164000273909 FIC KRUE Krueger, William Kent. Purgatory Ridge : a novel

33164000274550 FIC LUST Lustbader, Eric. Last snow

33164000275250 FIC DALL Dallas, Sandra. Whiter than snow

33164000274568 FIC LUDL Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne objective : a new Jason Bourne novel

33164000274584 FIC MANK Mankell, Henning. The troubled man

33164000272489 FIC BARR Barry, Dave. Lunatics

33164000272323 FIC LITT Littlejohn, Emily. A season to lie

33164000274428 FIC GLAS Glaser, Karina Yan. The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

33164000273719 FIC JANC Jance, Judith A. Field of bones

33164000272372 FIC TURT Turton, Stuart. The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

33164000275623 FIC DIAM Diamant, Anita. The red tent

33164000274469 FIC SPAR Sparks, Nicholas. The wedding

33164000274626 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. The fourth apprentice

33164000274667 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. The last hope

33164000274634 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. Fading Echoes

33164000274642 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. Sign of the moon

33164000274659 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. The forgotten warrior

33164000273578 FIC YOON Yoon, Nicola. Everything, everything

33164000273735 FIC KRUE Krueger, William Kent. Iron Lake : a novel

33164000274519 FIC PARK Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Cheap shot : a Spenser novel

33164000275003 FIC BYLE Byler, Linda. Lizzie searches for love trilogy

33164000274576 FIC KING King, Stephen. Skeleton crew

33164000273214 FIC MCLA 1 McLaren, Kaya. How I came to Sparkle again : a novel

33164000275649 FIC SULL Sullivan, J. Courtney. Maine : a novel

33164000273727 FIC GREE Green, Hank. An absolutely remarkable thing : a novel

33164000272596 FIC PRAI A prairie Christmas collection

33164000272463 FIC WEIR Weir, Alison. A dangerous inheritance : a novel of Tudor rivals and the secret of the Tower

33164000275409 FIC PERR Perry, Anne. Corridors of the night : a William Monk novel

33164000275193 FIC WHIT White, Karen. The Christmas spirits on Tradd street

33164000273867 FIC BRIC Bricker, Sandra D. Always the baker, never the bride

33164000275433 FIC JANC #23 Jance, Judith A. Proof of life : a J.P. Beaumont novel. [Bk. 23]

33164000275425 FIC BARR #19 Barr, Nevada. Boar Island : an Anna Pigeon mystery bk. 19

33164000273230 FIC FREN French, Nicci. Until it’s over

33164000273834 FIC JEWE Jewell, Lisa. Before I met you : a novel

33164000272380 FIC REID Reid, Kiley. Such a fun age : a novel

33164000273826 FIC IRVI #2 Irvin, Kelly. A long bridge home

33164000275136 FIC PETE #1 Peterson, Tracie. Secrets of my heart

33164000275219 FIC BYLE Byler, Linda. Hope deferred : an Amish romance

33164000273685 FIC HANN Hanna, Rachel. The Beach House

33164000272547 FIC QUIR Quirk, Matthew. Hour of the assassin : a novel

33164000272422 FIC MCCR McCreight, Kimberly. A good marriage : a novel

33164000272539 FIC FOLE Foley, Lucy. The guest list : a novel

33164000275268 FIC COLL Collins, Suzanne. The ballad of songbirds and snakes

33164000272331 FIC GEOR George, Alex. The Paris hours

33164000275458 FIC ITUR Iturbe, Antonio. The librarian of Auschwitz

33164000274535 FIC DENT Denton, Lauren K. The summer house

33164000272349 FIC CLAR Clark, Julie. The last flight : a novel

33164000274436 FIC MACO Macomber, Debbie. A walk along the beach : a novel

33164000275474 FIC MACO Macomber, Debbie. Promise Texas

33164000273701 FIC FULL Fuller, Kathleen. Amish generations : four stories

33164000275227 FIC JONE Jones, Stephen Graham. The only good Indians : a novel

33164000272505 FIC COUL Coulter, Catherine. Deadlock

33164000272497 FIC SNEL Snelling, Lauraine. A blessing to cherish

33164000275177 FIC AUST Austin, Lynn N. If I were you

33164000272398 FIC NORT North, Alex. The shadows

33164000272364 FIC STEE Steel, Danielle. Royal : a novel

33164000275185 FIC CHAS Chase, Eve. The daughters of Foxcote Manor

33164000275144 FIC PETE #2 Peterson, Tracie. The way of love

33164000275201 FIC FELD Feldman, Ellen. Paris never leaves you

33164000273818 FIC IRVI Irvin, Kelly. Peace in the valley : Amish of big sky country

33164000273743 FIC KELL Kelley, Pamela M. Nantucket Weddings

33164000274592 FIC MICH Michaels, Fern. The brightest star

33164000272471 FIC VANL VanLiere, Donna. The Christmas table

33164000274618 FIC MACO Macomber, Debbie. Jingle all the way : a novel

33164000273875 FIC KING Kingsbury, Karen. Truly, madly, deeply : a novel

33164000275573 FIC ARCH Archer, Jeffrey. Hidden in plain sight

33164000275128 FIC PETE #3 Peterson, Tracie. Forever by your side

33164000273412 FIC BROW Brown, Sandra. Fat Tuesday

33164000273404 FIC BART Barton, Fiona. The child

33164000273669 FIC CLAR Clark, Imogen. The last piece

33164000273297 FIC HUNT Hunter, Erin. Warriors, omen of the stars. 03 : Night whispers

33164000273289 FIC HAYF Hayfield, Olivia. Wife after wife

33164000273446 FIC MICH Michaels, Fern Silver bells

33164000273453 FIC SPIE Spielman, Lori Nelson. The star-crossed sisters of Tuscany

33164000273537 FIC FISH Fisher, Kerry. The silent wife

33164000273503 FIC ROTH Roth, Veronica. The fates divide

33164000273479 FIC SLOA Sloan, Holly Goldberg I’ll Be There

33164000273461 FIC KING King, Stephen Secret Windows

33164000273438 FIC STAY Stayman-London, Kate One To Watch

33164000275565 FIC BRAD #2 Bradford, Barbara Taylor. In the lion’s den

33164000273883 FIC CLIP Clipston, Amy An Amish Singing: Four Stories

33164000273891 FIC CARI Carie, Jamie Love’s First Light

33164000274105 FIC STEE Steel, Danielle. All that glitters

33164000274006 FIC BOLD Bolden, Marci The Road Leads Back

33164000274014 FIC BRYN Bryndza, Robert The Night Stalker

33164000274022 FIC FRED #2 Frederick, Michael Fire of Grace Book Two: Kansas

33164000274030 FIC FRED #1 Frederick, Michael Fire of Grace Book One: Nebraska

33164000274048 FIC MOOD Moody, Diane Beyond the Shadow of War

33164000274055 FIC JOHN Johnson, Jennifer Q Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky

33164000274063 FIC FRAN Frantz, Laura A Bound Heart

33164000274071 FIC HANN #3 Hanna, Rachel Fireflies & Family Ties

33164000275276 FIC MOOD Moody, Diane Of Windmills & War

33164000275284 FIC BECK Becker, Sandra Breaking Amish Tradition

33164000275292 FIC IRVI #1 Irvin, Kelly Mountains of Grace: Amish of Big Sky Country

33164000275300 FIC HOAG Hoag, Tami The Boy

33164000275482 FIC MOOD Moody, Diane From the Ashes of War

33164000275722 FIC SHRI #1 Shriver, Beth Rumspringa’s Hope: The Spirit of the Amish, Book One

33164000275730 FIC SHRI #2 Shriver, Beth Love’s Abundant Harvest: The Spirit of the Amish, Book Two

33164000275748 FIC SHRI #3 Shriver, Beth Redemption: The Spirit of the Amish, Book Three

33164000275763 FIC WILS Wilson, Mary Anne Under a Christmas Moon: Eclipse Ridge Ranch Series, Book One

33164000275771 FIC CARP #7 Carpenter, Beth An Alaskan Family Christmas: A Northern Lights Series, Book Seven

33164000274394 FIC TOLS Tolstoy, Leo War and Peace

Western Fiction

33164000272406 W FIC L’AMO L’Amour, Louis End of the drive

33164000274410 W FIC L’AMO L’Amour, Louis Beyond the great snow mountains

33164000272588 W FIC MCMU McMurtry, Larry. Comanche moon : a novel

33164000273842 W FIC JOHN Johnstone, William W. Ten guns from Texas

33164000272570 W FIC L’AMO L’Amour, Louis. Jubal Sackett

33164000273859 W FIC JOHN Johnstone, William W. Stranglehold

33164000274451 LP FIC JOHN Johnstone, William W. Hell’s half acre

33164000274097 W FIC JOHN Johnstone, William W. and J.A. Johnstone Killer Take All

Large Print

33164000274907 LP 973.92 BROK Brokaw, Tom. Boom! : voices of the sixties : personal reflections on the ’60s and today

33164000274923 LP 231.7 PIPE Piper, Don. 90 minutes in heaven : a true story of death & life

33164000274444 LP FIC WALL Waller, Robert James. The long night of Winchell Dear : a novel

33164000274725 LP FIC SPAR Sparks, Nicholas. Dear John

33164000273370 LP FIC MACO Macomber, Debbie. 1105 Yakima Street

33164000273271 LP FIC ROBE Roberts, Nora. Blue dahlia

33164000273388 LP FIC WHIT White, Karen. The beach trees

33164000273354 LP FIC BINC Binchy, Maeve. Minding Frankie

33164000273305 LP FIC MICH Michaels, Fern. Spirit of the season

33164000274345 LP FIC GIPS Gipson, Fred. Old Yeller; Special Read-Aloud Edition

Juvenile Fiction

33164000273610 J MILN Milne, A. A. The house at Pooh Corner.

33164000274766 J AMER Adler, Susan S. Meet Samantha, an American girl

33164000274790 J AMER Creel, Ann Howard. Nicki

33164000275714 J FIC MACL MacLachlan, Patricia. Seven kisses in a row

33164000273628 J FIC SPIN Spinelli, Jerry. Stargirl

33164000273776 J DISN Ingoglia, Gina. Disney’s treasury of children’s classics : from The fox and the hound to The hunchback of Notre Dame

33164000274295 J FIC DOTY Doty, Jean Slaughter. Summer pony

33164000275680 J FIC BAGL Baglio, Ben M. Beagle in a backpack

33164000274204 J FIC WAYN Wayne, Jenifer. Sprout and the helicopter

33164000273594 J FIC TURN Turner, Ann Warren. Abe Lincoln remembers

33164000274782 J HAWO Haworth, Danette. The summer of moonlight secrets

33164000275706 J FIC CLEA Cleary, Beverly. Ramona the pest

33164000275698 J FIC PHIL Philbrick, W. R. The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg

33164000274865 J BIRD Birdsall, Jeanne. The Penderwicks : a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy

33164000275656 J FIC AVI Avi The good dog

33164000275672 J FIC BUNT Bunting, Eve. The summer of Riley

33164000275631 J FIC PATE Paterson, Katherine. Jip : his story

33164000274774 J O’DEL O’Dell, Scott. Island of the Blue Dolphins

33164000275664 J FIC BURN Burnford, Sheila. The incredible journey

33164000274220 J FIC SOBO Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the soccer scheme

33164000273362 J APPL Applegate, Katherine. The one and only Bob

33164000273941 J SPYR Spyri, Johanna Heidi

33164000275029 J FIC WAYN Wayne, Jenifer Sprout and the Dogsitter

Juvenile Nonfiction

33164000273982 J AMER Woodburn, Judy Your Happiest You: The Care & Keeping of Your Mind and Spirit

33164000274352 J 534.4 HASB Hasbrouck, Ellen Planets

33164000274386 J 597.9 SNAK Dalmation KIDS Snakes & Crocs and other Reptiles

33164000274980 J 978.02 LEVI Levine, Ellen. If you traveled west in a covered wagon

33164000274170 J 932 DENN Dennis, Peter. Pyramid

33164000274196 J 520.74 ALBE Alberti, Theresa Jarosz. Out and about at the planetarium

33164000273768 J AMER Madison, Lynda. The feelings book : the care & keeping of your emotions

Board Books

33164000273925 BB BERN Bernthal, Mark S. God’s Easter Love

33164000273958 BB PORT Porter-Gaylord, Laurel I Love My Daddy Because…Quiero a mi papa porque…

Easy Fiction

33164000273586 E DONA Donaldson, Julia. Room on the broom

33164000274121 E WILK Wilkes, Angela. Rain forest animals

33164000273651 E COLA Colandro, Lucille. There was an old lady who swallowed some leaves!

33164000274303 E WILD Wild animals.

33164000274147 E BISH Bishop, Claire Huchet. The five Chinese brothers

33164000273776 E DISN Ingoglia, Gina. Disney’s treasury of children’s classics : from The fox and the hound to The hunchback of Notre Dame

33164000274154 E O’NEA O’Neal, Deborah. The trouble with Henry : a tale of Walden Pond

33164000273644 E KANN Kann, Victoria. Pinkalicious

33164000273800 E LEGO King, Trey. Wrecking Valentine’s Day!

33164000273602 E AESO Sneed, Brad. Aesop’s fables

33164000273750 FIC FALC Sollinger, Emily. Olivia: Dinner with Olivia

33164000274113 FIC BRUN Brunhoff, Laurent de. Babar’s birthday surprise

33164000274675 E HIGG Higgins, Jace. Sunny the bunny : goes to camp

33164000273917 E DISN Scollon, Bill Olaf’s Favorite Season

33164000273966 E BENN Bennett, Leonie My Cat Has Had Kittens

33164000274378 E LITT Gallery Graphics Inc. Little Folks’ ABC


33164000274972 OS 796.06 BERG Berg, Steve. Target Field : the new home of the Minnesota Twins


33164000274485 978.9 ROSE Rosen, Richard Dean. A buffalo in the house : the true story of a man, an animal, and the American West

33164000274246 618.2 MURK Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg. What to expect when you’re expecting

33164000274964 649 KARP Karp, Harvey. The happiest toddler on the block : how to eliminate tantrums and raise a patient, respectful and cooperative one- to four-year-old

33164000275607 613.2 BUET Buettner, Dan. The Blue Zones solution : eating and living like the world’s healthiest people

33164000274956 305.23 NAZA Nazario, Sonia. Enrique’s journey

33164000274832 324.973 ALLE Allen, Jonathan Shattered : inside Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign

33164000272430 364.1092 RATL Ratliff, Evan. The mastermind : drugs, empire, murder, betrayal

33164000274709 248.4 ORTB Ortberg, John. When the game is over, it all goes back in the box

33164000275615 636.708 MCMI McMillan, Brandon. Lucky dog lessons : train your dog in 7 days

33164000274261 649.12 JANA Jana, Laura A. Heading home with your newborn : from birth to reality

33164000274733 636.1 BECK The ultimate horse lover : the best experts’ advice for a happy, healthy horse with stories and photos of awe-inspiring equines

33164000274840 613.2 OZ Oz, Daphne. Relish : an adventure in food, style, and everyday fun

33164000274899 940.54 DRUR Drury, Bob. Lucky 666 : the impossible mission

33164000274683 158.1 SHET Shetty, Jay. Think like a monk : train your mind for peace and purpose every day

33164000273255 636.1 CUP A cup of comfort for horse lovers : stories that celebrate the extraordinary relationship between horse and rider

33164000273677 613.6 MCMA McManners, Hugh. The complete wilderness training manual

33164000273347 231 DRIS Driscoll, Mark. Spirit-filled Jesus : life by his power

33164000273420 616.85 MADS Madsen, Pamela. Shameless : how I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure … and somehow got home in time to cook dinner

33164000273339 973.09 STAN Stansfield, Charles A. Haunted presidents : ghosts in the lives of the chief executives

33164000273321 973.931 ALTE Alterman, Eric. The book on Bush : how George W. Bush (mis)leads America

33164000273313 791.4502 HAGM Hagman, Kristina. The eternal party : understanding my dad, Larry Hagman, the TV star America loved to hate

33164000273560 613.2 BOWN Bowman, Alisa. The 7-day slim down : drop twice the weight in half the time with the vitamin D diet

33164000273552 332.4 HARG Hargrave, John. Blockchain for everyone : how I learned the secrets of the new millionaire class (and you can too)

33164000273545 641.5 ZINC Zinczenko, David. Zero sugar cookbook : lose up to a pound a day and eat your way to a lean & healthy you!

33164000273487 389.2 AMER American Indian myths and legends

33164000273495 641.86 TWIN The Twinkies cookbook : the sweetest comeback in the history of ever : a new sweet and savory recipe collection for America’s most iconic snack cake.

33164000273933 032.02 ROON Rooney, Anne 1001 Horrible Facts

33164000273974 155.41 SNEL Snel, Eline Sitting Still Like a Frog

33164000274311 372.21 BURT Burton, Marilee Robin 365 Ways to a Smarter Preschooler

33164000274329 372.133 SCHO Scholastic 500+ Fabulous Month-by-Month Teaching Ideas Grades K-2

33164000274337 372.35 WILL Williams, Robert A. Mudpies to Magnets A Preschool Science Curriculum

33164000274360 629.225 ORLE Orlemann, Eric C. Giant Earth-Moving Equipment

33164000274402 371 COST Costello, Karen Go Fly a Kite! Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool

33164000275011 248.48 KALA Kalas, J. Ellsworth I Bought a House on Gratitude Street

33164000275037 618.24 MAGE Magee, Susan The Pregnancy Countdown Book

33164000274915 813.52 HEMI Hemingway, Ernest. The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway.

33164000275755 306.8 HOLM Holmes, Kelly happy you, happy family

33164000273396 92 BRID Vestal, Stanley. Jim Bridger, mountain man; a biography.

Paperback Fiction

33164000275169 PB THOR #19 Thor, Brad. Backlash : a thriller

33164000275243 PB CARR Carr, Robyn. Shelter Mountain

33164000275235 PB ROBE Roberts, Sheila. Beachside beginnings

33164000275151 PB THAY Thayne, RaeAnne. Summer at Lake Haven

33164000275466 PB WOOD Woods, Sherryl. Wildflower Ridge

33164000274089 PB MACO Macomber, Debbie Window on the Bay

33164000275326 PB MACO #1 Macomber, Debbie A Season of Angels: Angel Series #1

33164000275334 PB MACO Macomber, Debbie Twenty-One Wishes

33164000275342 PB SNOW #3 Snow, Jennifer A Sweet Alaskan Fall: A Wild River Novel

33164000275359 PB ROBE Roberts, Nora The MacKade Brothers: Devin & Shane

33164000275367 PB MACO Macomber, Debbie The Cowboy’s Lady

33164000275375 PB MAYN Mayne, Debby Trusting Her Heart

33164000275383 PB ROBE Roberts, Nora Welcome Home: Two Novels in One

33164000275391 PB PALM Palmer, Diana Long, Tall Texans: Regan/Todd

33164000275490 PB MACO Macomber, Debbie Finding You Again

33164000275508 PB JANC Jance, J.A. Day of the Dead: A Novel of Suspense

33164000275516 PB SCHR Schrock, Hannah The Amish Orphan

33164000275524 PB PRIC Price, Samantha The Amish Deacon’s Daughter

33164000275532 PB HART Hartzler, Ruth The Only Way

33164000275540 PB HART Hartzler, Ruth The Narrow Way

33164000275557 PB BELF Belfie, June Bryan Healing Hands

33164000275789 FIC MORR #2 Morris, Julianna Christmas on the Ranch: Hearts of Big Sky Series, Book 2

33164000275797 PB WARR #10 Warren, Linda A Christmas Proposal: Texas Rebels Series, Book Ten

33164000275318 PB ILES Iles, Greg Cemetery Road

North Dakota Fiction and Nonfiction

33164000274477 DAK FIC HUDS Hudson, Lois Phillips. The bones of plenty

33164000274949 DAK 978.3 NORR Norris, Kathleen. Dakota : a spiritual geography

33164000275441 DAK FIC BULL Bullinger, Paulette. Nothing hidden

Easy Reader

33164000274212 ER 629.47 HAYD Hayden, Kate. Astronaut : living in space

33184000274758 ER FLOW Flowers, Luke. Ninja on the job

33164000274741 ER DISN Hapka, Cathy. Sofia makes a friend

33164000274139 ER 591.77 BAKE Baker, Alan. The ocean

33164000273792 ER MARV Wyatt, Chris. Battle with Ultron

Home Schooling

33164000275045 HS 611 PERE Quick Study Academic Nervous System

33164000275052 HS 611 PERE Quick Study Academic Digestive System

33164000275060 HS 611 PERE Perez, Vincent The Brain

33164000275078 HS 611 PERE Perez, Vincent Circulatory System

33164000275086 HS 611 PERE Perez, Vincent The Heart

33164000275094 HS 611 PERE Perez, Vincent Anatomy 2

33164000275102 HS 428.2 SCER Scerbo, Lauren M. English Verbs


33164000274808 DVD FAIL Failure to launch

33164000274873 DVD FIFT The fifth element

33164000274816 DVD BEWI Bewitched

33164000274857 DVD DID Did you hear about the Morgans?

33164000274824 DVD PRAN Prancer returns

33164000274881 DVD PRAN Prancer

3164000273529 DVD CHAS Chasing Christmas

33164000273990 DVD HAIR Hair Show